Help Your Customer Choose The Right Domain Name

At Site2host.com we intend to help every customer go digital and grow their business online. We have started the knowledge series to help equip you with the right knowledge to help your customers go digital

A well choosen domain name would help your customer to get more visitors to their website. A domain name should have it’s own relevance even after 10-15 years. Kindly follow the below steps to come out with a great domain name for your customer.


1) Make your domain brandable

eg. DosaWalla.com is more brandable compared to DosaRecipesOnline.com

Dosarecipesonline.com is quite search friendly domain name but no one will remember it and is not brandable.

Dosawalla.com looks exciting, short and brandable.


2) Easy to pronounce

Choose a domain name which can be pronounced easily. Eg of a bad domain name is raviolibertine.com. Eg of a well pronounceable domain name is jaychikki.com


3) Keep it as short as you possibly can.

Metrolabs.com is short compared to Metrolaboratory.com. However in case of Metroscience.com is better compared to Metrosci.com. Bascically keep the domain name short but easily pronouncable and brandable too.


4) choose well known extension

.com extension has a high recall value among non technical people. In case .com extension is not available go for .in or .co.in extension. Dosawalla.com, dosawalla.co.in or dosawalla.in are all good domain names with right extensions.

Alternatively .net and .org extensions are also good.


5) Go Digital early

Did you know that google counts the age of your domain and how long your website has been there to give you a good ranking in google search. Block and Book your domain immediately and get a basic website in place.


At Site2host.com our customer support executives can help you choose the right domain name for your customer. Call Site2host.com team at 022-4131 3971 / 77 / 78 or email us at [email protected] for more details.

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