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At Site2host.com we intend to help every customer go digital and grow their business online. We have started the knowledge series to help equiup you with the right knowledge to help your customers go digital.

Choosing the right hosting package ensures good website speed and zero downtime for your customers website.

There are many types of hosting to choose from

a) Shared Hosting

This is the most commonly available hosting type and the cheapest too. In shared hosting more than 300 domains are hosted on a single server and hence it’s is known as shared hosting. The speed of the hosting or email accounts vary based on the load on the server.

We also get unlimited shared hosting packages these days which seem very attractive. There are lot of restrictions on shared hosting packages like the no of files that can be created, no of emails sent per hour is restricted to 150 emails, restriction on no of database connections per domain etc.

Even with the above restrictions, Shared hosting packages are good for most small small business to start with.


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b) VPS Servers (Virtual Private Servers)

VPS Servers are good for all customers who have a fairly high load on servers because of large no of email accounts 30+ or they have a high visitor traffic on their website or they need a fast loading website.

When you choose VPS servers you get additional resources like processor cores and RAM apart from harddisk space. You also get choice of your own operating system and complete root access to your vps server.

VPS Servers serve better than shared hosting and ensures higher efficiency for your organisation email or website. Things are more in your control and you can start and stop server whenever you want.

In VPS servers the harddisk and motherboard is still being shared with others So the overall performance could get affected by others sharing the resources.


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c) Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are complete servers dedicated for your requirements and hence the name dedicated servers.

The entire server resources are available for only for your domain and hence dedicated servers provide optimal performance.

You could try and understand your customers needs and accordingly suggest him the right hosting package to choose from depending on no of email accounts or website traffic or on the website application needs.


For more details please visit http://site2host.com or call =91 22 4131 3971 / 77/78


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