How Can You Help Your Customer To Go Digital

Site2host.com Go Digital Knowledge Series – 3

Lets look at some reasons why a customer would want to go digital. They are

a) Start selling online
b) Have a web presence for some new prospective customers to know about their business
c) To recruit quality staff – yes we have come across customers who sell to a few known customers only.
d) To have a good search engine presence and get many customer inquires online.

When you meet your customer just try and find out which one of the above is the primary reason for him wanting to go online. With the understanding, now you need to help him with below steps.

Step 1) Choose the right domain name for their business
Step 2) Choose a right hosting package for their business
Step 3) Get a good website designed for their business

We have the below combo plans to help your customers go digital.

  1. Combo Website Plan A – Get a domain name + Hosting + 10 email accounts + website design for just Rs. 15,000/-

Domain name – .com, .in, .co.in
Hosting – 1 GB Hosting + 10 email accounts
Website Design – 10 page website design (includes wordpress content management system to manage website content.)
Website Backup

  2. Combo Website Plan B – Get a domain name + hosting + 10 email accounts + ecommerce store for just Rs. 30,000/-

Domain name – .com, .in, .co.in
Hosting – 1 GB Hosting + 10 email accounts
Ecommerce site – 10 page website design + 30 product ecommerce store(includes wordpress content management system and woocommerce plugin to manage website content.)
Payumoney payment gateway integration

   3. Website Backup

* First year charges. Maintenance and Renewal charges at actuals.
**Service tax -15% additional on all bookings.

For more details please visit http://site2host.com or call your relationship manager at +91 – 9768114582 or email us at [email protected]

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