How to automatically backup your website and database in the cloud

How to automatically backup your website and database in the cloud

What would happen if you accidentally delete your website files?

Regular backup of your website will prevent you from starting from scratch. You are always recommended to backup your website files including databases on a regular basis. Regular backup will definitely protect your website against any unfortunate incident. You can use the following to backup your website including database in the cloud.

FTP (Files Transfer protocol)

The use of FTP is considered as the easiest way to backup your website. FTP will let you connect your computer to your hosting account and easily move files. You can also use FTP to download, rename, copy, upload and delete files on the server.

Export function in WordPress

If you are using WordPress, you can easily use the export function to backup your website. After selecting the export menu, it is your choice to select whether you want to backup the whole website or just parts.

Amazon S3

Installing your website files in Amazon S3 will require you to install server software. S3 is a reliable and secure place to store your files.

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