Refer a business client and earn reward points

Refer a business client and earn reward points

Are you looking for the easiest way to earn cash? Well, if you are going to commend our hosting services to your business clients, you will definitely earn a reward in return. We can give you cash, a bonus or a store credit. This is just our way of saying thank you for spreading the word. You can use your reward cash to purchase anything you want including our hosting products and services.

How it works

To receive a referral bonus,
1.A�A� A�You should complete our sign up process
2.A�A� A�Your referred customer should successful complete our sign up process
3.A�A� A�Your referred customer must be new and not an existing customer
4.A�A� A�The referred customer must not cancel the order

We at site2host.com/ understands that great relationships are considered as the major part of all businesses. We always value each and every client and ita��s always our pleasure to serve everyone. You may have already told your friends or your business colleagues about our reliable hosting services and we want to thank you for that. This is the main reason why we have opened our referral reward program. Our program is very simple and easy to understand. You will simply earn. a bonus for each and every client that you will refer. The bonus has no limits and if your referred client makes multiple purchases again in the future, you will be rewarded accordingly.

How you will earn the refer and earn reward

You will receive your friends invite to shop at our company at site2host.com/. Sign up a free of charge account by registering with your email. Your referral reward will immediately be added 1 day after making the first purchase. If you had already shopped with us, you are already eligible to refer someone via our referral program.

How will you invite your friends through our referral program?

Inviting your friends to our program is very easy and simple. You will only need to sign up on our website and go to refer and earn page where you will be able to select from the many inviting options including Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and WhatsApp. Simply click on your preferred option and invite your loved ones. You together with your friends will receive some cash or a bonus after making the first purchase. It is your choice to choose how you want to use your reward cash. For instance, you can use the cash to purchase our hosting products and you can also use the cash to shop for your preferred products on the web. Your referral reward will last for 12 months, so start shopping in order to get the maximum benefits. Our team is ready to provide you with exceptional assistance. You are assured that any client that you refer will be treated with care, attentiveness and professionalism.

Why choose our referral program

a�? We are well known as the most trusted web hosting company that has the best referral program

a�?A�We will provide you with an opportunity to earn a big bonus while having access to our affordable hosting services.

a�? You together with your friend will immediately be rewarded after the first purchase.

a�? Our service is totally transparent. In this case, you are guaranteed that there are no hidden fees or charges.
a�?A�Our reliable professionals will provide you with flexible and friendly approach specifically tailored to suit your needs.
a�?A�You will get an opportunity to subscribe to our daily email newsletters free of charge

If any question about refer and earn program, feel free to ask for help from our friendly and reliable team. Refer now and get that opportunity to earn cash.

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