Suyash Industries

Challenge :

Key Highlights :​

  1. Celebrating 40+ Years: Challenge: Commemorating a remarkable 40+ years in the industry while transitioning to a Pvt Ltd firm. Solution: We curated a digital narrative that pays tribute to their legacy, using design elements that reflect both resilience and innovation.
  2. Bolder Colors, Same Identity: Challenge: Infusing a touch of boldness into the website while maintaining the brand identity. Solution: We revamped the color palette, injecting vibrancy into the design without compromising the established brand essence.
  3. Product-Centric Approach: Challenge: Showcasing a diverse range of products with clarity and accessibility. Solution: Each product page was meticulously crafted to include ordering information and related products at the bottom, ensuring visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of the offerings.
  4. Embedded Product Showcase Gallery: Challenge: Highlighting the product range without redirecting users to multiple pages. Solution: We embedded a product showcase gallery within each product page, allowing visitors to explore the entire range seamlessly.

Solution :

Client Impact :

The redesigned website not only serves as a testament to Suyash Composites Industries Pvt Ltd’s journey but also stands as a modern, user-friendly platform. It effectively communicates their recent work and clientele, providing a dynamic snapshot of their evolving expertise.